Monday, January 08, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my computer. Check back later for updates.



  1. Cheryl, sorry for your computer troubles-- hope to see you back soon!

  2. It's because you posted that "How To Clean Your Toilet" joke. Some cat has hacked into your computer. LOL!

  3. Argh! Mel!! Bad kitty! LOL

    I'm checking in from my son's house. he had surgery on a herniated disk yesterday and I brought them supper tonight. I miss you guys. The Geek Squad is supposed to call me Thursday or Friday with the news on my PC.

  4. Mel, you are SO-O-O right! Love the humor on this site :)

    Cheryl, speaking of "Site", I have have seen 2 books/posters that used this version instead of the corect use of "sight." Miss Spellcheck herself! LOL

    We are getting new computers for my teacher and pre-school students so we are seeing the Geek Squad themselves for installation.

    I'll say a prayer for your son-- I've had minor back problems for 6 months that is getting worse so I can empathize. Progressing from OTC meds,heat & massage to 12 sessions of Physical Therapy & ice and now chiropractor, muscle relaxers & a "no-lifting" restriction at work. Typing and holding a mobile phone hurts too because I have an elbow problem also. (You notice that doesn't keep me from emailing you all!)

    Best wishes to him for complete healing & recovery! What a good Mom-- the original Meals On Wheels!!
    Look forward to your computer recovering too. Is it putting a crimp in your writing also?? HORRORS!!

  5. We miss you too, Cheryl! You must kiss a thousand kitties and delete the nasty toilet joke before they'll let you back on. Hee.

    Hope your son is doing well.

  6. Sorry to hear about your computer problems hopefully it gets fixed quickly.
    That is so nice of you to take a meal to your son. I am sure he will be better soon knowing Mom is taking care of him.

  7. Sorry about your son's back and I hope he gets better soon! We have had the Geek Squad over to our house to hel with securing our internet connections and installing something else that I can't remember-- they are great!
    Hope to hear from you soon

  8. Oh, you guys make me LAUGH! LOL Kiss a thousand kitties, eh, Mel?? That's EXTREME penance.

  9. That's EXTREMELY purrrrrrfect!