Saturday, January 06, 2007

speaking of resolutions for the new year....

Thank you to Mel for sharing A Cat's New Year's Resolutions. Too funny!


  1. Mel, thanks for sharing the chuckles & guffaws!! We have had 1-2 cats for 25 of our 27 yr marriage. My ex-roommate had 2 when we lived together & now has 7-9. The neighbors had 14, now 11 (neither house smells bads, far from it!)

  2. LOL! You're welcome. I've lived with cats all my life. I have a Siamese. What kind of cats do you have, Lou? Everybody? Well those who have cats...
    Tell me about your kitty kids!

  3. < sigh > I miss having a kitty maybe we will get another in 6 months or so-- we just want DS (he wil be 3 in March) to be old enough not to abuse the new arrival :)

  4. Our grey tiger tabby is fat & fifteen (15 lbs/15 yrs). Whiskey does not miss Fluffy, our 14 yr old grey Persian who died a yr ago of feline leukemia shortly after we finally found him a good home; #1 son & I developed allergies 5 yrs ago. I spend $40 a month on medicine so we can keep him & our dog Buddy Lee from causing me discomfort. NOW I can PET Whiskey after 4 yrs of desisting & earn some PURRS. Buddy makes friendly overatures to Whiskey, but gets the cold shoulder or should I say the Hiss-off?
    My roommate had a hefty part- Siamese whose litter mate was all black. Cuddles & AJ were quite a pair, both over 16 lbs!!