Thursday, January 11, 2007

Something I never knew

Did you know Lily Munster was the wife of Moses? Yes, it's true! Yvonne DeCarlo just passed away, and the clip I watched this morning showed her playing opposite Charleton Heston in The Ten Commandments. What a knockout!

(Can you tell I'm making up for lost time! LOL I missed you!)


  1. Wow that is hard to believe that she played in them both. Who would have thought that was her.

  2. She was in McClintock, too, if anyone else is a John Wayne fan. She was somewhat older then, but no less a knockout.

  3. I read about that last night...very different roles.

  4. I read about Yvonne in AOL news and was saddened to hear she died.
    I didn't know she played opposite Charleton Heston in The Ten Commandments either. And I also didn't know she was in McClintock. Now I'm humming the theme song to The Munsters.

    We missed you too, Cheryl. HUGS!

  5. She also did a movie with Rock Hudson in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My mom met her there. Said she was very beautiful.