Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a new list: 5 Wonderful Things

You may not count chocolate.

1 falling leaves and crisp air
2 gold lockets
3 cottages with shutters
4 soft fluffy towels
5 chicken noodle soup on a cold day


  1. 1. hugs from my nieces and nephews
    2. warm socks for cold feet
    3. a nice bubble bath
    4. a good book
    5. uninterrupted quiet time

  2. 1. Hearing my babies say "I love you mommy"

    2. Curling up with hubby when babies are finally asleep in the evening.

    3. The cup of hot tea hubby fixes me at night.

    4. When my kids and I do our "craft" project for the day.

    5. Knowing that right now my dad has survived another day.

  3. This reminds me of the 12 days of Christmas...well, I guess it would be 5 days now :)

    1. a warm-roaring fire
    2. comfy couch
    3. plenty of wine/tea
    4. full book case of TBR's
    5. plenty of time to complete the TBR pile :)

  4. Argh! You have me singing your list! To the tune now: And Michael in his PJs!

  5. 1. watching my grandchildren play
    2. putting on my big fluffy robe
    3. the smell in the air in Spring
    4. the sound of the ocean
    5. daisys

  6. 1. A family dinner that I didn't have to cook.
    2. A rainy day with a good book.
    3. A day out with my husband.
    4. Shopping when everything I want is on sale.
    5. Hugs from my family.

  7. 1. My cat in my arms at bedtime
    2. Reading, reading, and reading
    3. An authentically autographed first edition of The Lawman's Bride :-)
    4. Getting a lot of good mail.
    5. Chang Fengs Restaurant in Brockton, MA

  8. 5 more things from me.......

    finding the start of the toilet paper right off without shredding it to bits

    cream cheese & pineapple frosting


    Avon catalogs

    movie posters

  9. 1. spending time with my family
    2. spending alone time with hubby
    3. Having a day where everyone at work is not calling me at the same time.
    4.Time to read all my favorite authors
    5. Time to just sit there and do nothing.

    Cheryl, I didn't know you like Avon books I have tons of them if you ever want any I can send them your way. LOL

    Meljprincess I see you put your hint in for your authographed book, good one. LOL

  10. Yes, Brenda, I love Avon watches and costume jewelry. I have tons of the old stuff as well as vintage Sarah Coventry and Monet. Recently a dear friend gave me vintage jewelry that belonged to her mother-in-law. I displayed the pieces in old Ball canning jars - the ones with glass lids and wires - and have them on an old cabinet in my bedroom. Pretty, but also handy to see the colors and get out to wear.

  11. 1. A trip to Staples.
    2. A cat.
    3. A good book and a cup of something hot and a blanket on the couch.
    4. Church bells on a winter night.
    5. Longer days after winter solstice.

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