Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January Harlequin Historicals

Cool Slideshows


  1. Love the slideshows. Just looked at all the dots on your map (usually forget it's there.) You are getting hits from EVERYWHERE! That is soooooooooo great!

  2. Good slideshow, Cheryl. The HH's have such great covers. I want to read all of them!

  3. They look good eh, Carol?
    I don't think I have any of the ones in the slideshow. Do ya'll?

  4. Very cool...I wish they would sell the HH in more places around here...for some reason our WalMart stopped carrying them. Thank goodness for the Internet and bookstore.

  5. I think I have a couple of Terri's; she has a GREAT cover! Like the looks/stance of the guy on the Bachelor Duke.

    Ditto, Mel!

  6. Cheryl, I went to the HH site for a closer look as I couldn't enlarge the slideshow. Definitely want to get the Bachelor
    Duke as the storyline sounds interesting and who wcould resist
    a man leaning on a bookcase, a detail I missed.(assumed it was the usual mantelpiece! LOL). The idea of a scarred heroine is intriguing for Claire's novel.