Tuesday, January 16, 2007

February Books

I absolutely love Valentine's Day, and I always always schedule at least one book signing during the month, usually on that weekend, but not always. In February I'm doing a signing in Independence, MO - it's a KC suburb - with the great ladies at Dog-eared Books. I met Connie and Tina at an RT convention and we became pals right off. My friend Robyn is my road-trip buddy and we have a great time when we head out.

I am planning some fun stuff involving February books, and I want to get the ball rolling asap, so check back often.


  1. I wish you could come to Georgia for a signing.

  2. LOL! I was going to say the same, Jennifer. But RI.

    I love Valentine theme books. Love culinary romance or mystery.
    Especially with chocolate.

  3. February is a great month for romance books!

    Western PA is a nice place to do a signing! lol

  4. She could always do a road trip...visit the East coast in a bus...LOL.

  5. I have noticed there are alot of Valentine books out there I hope I can get some read.

  6. Um Maryland would be a great place for a signing as well-- and it is close to PA :) I am really getting into valentines day this year-- I even bought chocolate hearts yesterday!

  7. oooh, yes! I love to celebrate Valentine's Day and it's pretty cool how I often have a Feb release.

  8. Lucky Lou's fortunate to live near CSJ so pardon me if I crow & gloat in anticipation of some day soon!
    Cheryl is as WONDERFUL & FUNNY & GENUINE (groping for more superlatives/adjectives: who would think I would ever be at a loss for words!! LOL)in person as she appears in print & blogging.

    Cheryl, I love Val books & have many. Our church women offered a special valentine dinner for a few years that was lots of fun.

    Mel, me too. I'll have to check my titles after return from cruise to compare notes & recommendations.

    Speaking of the cruise, I bought Valentine Love Dice. One says what to do: Whisper "I Love You", 10 little kisses, long juicy kiss, 60 second hug, anything you want & full body message, (should be massage! yes, it was made in China- I SWEAR I catch every typo there is! ROFL) The other tells where: under the covers, in the shower, in the kitchen, on a pile of pillows, on a bare rug (shouldn't that be bear??), anyplace you want. They say Location, Location, Location is everything in real estate!

  9. LOL! Lou.
    Cruise? Where are you going? And may I go with you? Hee.

  10. Pu-leeze, Lou, you will make my head too big to fit through the bookstore door! LOL (And thank you, sweetie, you're pretty special, too.)

    You are TOO funny! Typos on the Valentine dice. I saw those and Walgreens and thought they were cute. My writers' chapter does a raffle basket each month, and that would be a fun February addition, woulnd't it? Except you know all the writers would find the misspellings. (Did I spell that right?) LOL

    The only place spelling doesn't count is instant messages and blogging. LOL That's my story and I'm sticking to it.