Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fantasy Saturday

You've just won Eric Stromer for the day!

Whoo hoo! Don't you love virtual reality? He'll be at your place in ten minutes and you need a LIST! Five things for him to complete and check off before he returns to TV land.

What can Mr. Fix-it do for you today?


  1. He would go to the store and choose our hardwood floors then install them!

  2. Hmmm...
    -Clean out the spare bedrooms
    -Build me book shelves
    -Paint spare bedrooms
    -Build some storage
    -Add on to the house so it is bigger (this one might take him a while...LOL)

  3. Oh, he can do it all, Jennifer! This is our fantasy, remember? Bet those floors are looking good about now, Katrina. And it's amazing, but he's doing all the finish work on my powder room at the same time. It looks great!

  4. I have lots of things he could do for me. LOL ad on to the house and finish drywalling my upstairs that has been work in progress for 13 years. It is about time I would say to get it done. And now that I have lost my job starting February 28th he will have to pay for all the repairs too. I hope he has lots of time and money.

  5. Well I need a shower...
    Can he mend a broken heart? Carol's kitten passed away day before yesterday and I'm grieving right along with her. :-(
    Can he find Lou? Haven't seen her around lately.

  6. Okay, I'm late getting in on this one, but I've got to say that you ladies are way too tame.

    I've got a whole list of stuff he could do around the house for me including building some new shelves to hold all the books in my tbr pile. I'd just prefer he do it wearing only that utility belt. Awe, heck, he doesn't even have to wear that if he doesn't want to. :)

  7. I'm appreciating that image, Missy! LOL

    HUGS to Carol.

  8. Missy, you are my kind of woman; my thoughts exactly! This IS a fantasy! But I do like Jennifer's list, except for expansion.

    Ditto on the HUGS to you, Mel and keep your chin up, Brenda, on the job situation. Been there more times than I care to count.

    Mel, it was good to be missed; you responded on my bday, the 28th; I was in New Orleans for a MOST WONDERFUL day: gumbo & street jazz in the French Qtr; God's blessings & a single red rose from 2 strangers; hour soak in a 3' tub with Amaretto/diet Pepsi and a Great book: The Last Valentine by James Michael Pratt; FREE shrimp & crab legs buffet with cake & Van/Straw/Chocolate ice cream & Happy Bday sung by a tall black gentleman in a brown frock coat & tails. What a day!! They just keep getting better (26, 39 & THREE after 50 have been GRAND!)

  9. Cheryl, HE could be the inspiration for one of your heroes! Which show is he on? I watch Design on a Dime and a couple others.