Monday, January 15, 2007

Did you tune in?

My husband calls it the GOLDEN BOOB awards for obvious reasons. Couldn't anyone keep those puppies tucked in tonight? People's Choice was the same way. A little modesty goes a long way, ladies. Shocking: Jennifer Lopez had on a tasteful dress. Apparently she's already shown all, so she's trying a new tactic. Remember the year she wore the see-through number?


  1. LOL! I watched. When Salma Hayek came out I told my ex "She has on an interesting dress. One boob is almost hanging out while the other is safely tucked in."

    I hate seeing actors get older 'cause it means I am! LOL!

  2. I hear ya. And did you see the actress who played The Queen? She's what, seventy? And her boobs were hanging out, too!

  3. You are right. Some of the actresses could hardly move or they would have a wardrobe malfunction.

  4. I missed it all but I know what you mean! lol

  5. Oh, Cheryl. I want to see The Queen so badly. Helen Mirren is her name. Sometimes I can tell real from fake. Can you? LOL!

    Ya'know, because I have a dent in my saggy globe if I had the $ I'd get a boob job. Damn cancer....

  6. The sad part is that all the emphasis is placed on that part of a woman's body as making her beautiful or glamorous and desirable. Tinseltown is exactly that - cameras and makeup and cosmetic surgery. You know we'd probably all get a boob job if we had an extra mil lying around; isn't it pathetic that we're so insecure?

    It's more important for me to accept myself as I am, as God sees me and created me. This old flesh is all going to wrinkle and be gone someday. The important thing is who I am on the inside, what I mean to others, and the things I do with my gifts.

    And have you ever noticed that the people who love you -- men included -- love you just the way you are? My daughter mentions it often, as do some of my girlfriends, that their husbands have no problem with a few extra pounds or a sag here and there. Now that's a hero!