Sunday, October 08, 2006

I love fall! The colors, the flowers and trees, all the scarecrows and cornstalks and the harvest decoration. I still don't have my sarecrows made--the hubby tilled and we dug out for brick walkways, so the fun stuff is on the back burner.

Saw this swallowtail yesterday. The zinnias are pretty dried up, but the butterflies still love them, so I've clipped only the driest ones for seeds and am saving the rest as long as I can.

Met a few friendly grasshoppers today. LOL You know, they actually change color depending on what they're sitting on. Found one on a bright green canna leaf and he was as green as green can be.


  1. What a lovely butterfly! Here in Finland the flowers and butterfies are gone and most birds are leaving, too. Some insects seem to be still flying, however. Last year I saw one brave bloodsucking insect flying around outside -after the first snow had fallen down. But the other day I saw 5 swans. They were going to the nearby lake to rest.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I love fall. We are taking Brie to Vala's on Thursday (her birthday) and taking some pictures there. The red head in the pumpkins!

  3. Unidentifed plant attracts the butterflies near our mailbox, but it is turning deeper shades of rosy purple as the season gets colder. Hope photos of herd of wild turkeys turns out- just happened to have the camera with me as they pecked in the vacant lot across the street today in the rain- they let me get within 15 feet and have a zoom lens.
    Minna- I LOVE swans, our cemetary had a pair, my university still has a pair named Lancelot & Gwenivere (sp?) and I identified with the Ugly Duckling fairy tale.