Friday, October 27, 2006

go girls!

Alexis had her last soccer game of the season tonight, and it was COLD! Her mom wrapped her in blankets between turns on the field. The girl is an aggressive dynamo! She is all over that ball and can run faster than most of the other girls, so she gets it down the field. I was never good at those kind of sports because I'm not competitive. I couldn't accidentally kick somebody in the shins and not stop to apologize and offer medical attention. LOL


  1. How cool! My 3-year-old nephew loves to kick the ball around and they are thinking of putting him in soccer.

    LAND OF DREAMS (added because of contest)

  2. Four of my grandchildren play soccer and they love it. The other two are too young but they will be playing someday. I think one of my granddaughters is even better than her two older brothers! lol