Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Fashions

So what do you think of this seasons latest trends? Black & white as well as RED are the hottest colors this fall.

I love red and have already added a few more pieces of red to my wardrobe.

I probably won't buy any leggings--isn't it bizarre how everything old comes back around again? Like the peasant tops and skirts last year, like the loose knit sweater vests and crop tops and bell bottoms, for goodness sake! I did NOT buy a pair of bell bottoms--been there, did that, thank you.

Here we are with skinny-leg jeans in style again. Seriously, who can wear those? Anyone who doesn't look like Keira Knightly needs a flair at the bottom of the leg to even out the figure. And skinny legs plus a tunic top or sweater? I don't think so. If you any any junk in your trunk a tunic sweater only emphasizes it.

I love clothes and I love fashion and the season's latest colors, but I'm all about wearing what looks good on ME, not on the model in the JC Penny catalog or on the store mannequin. So my newest outfit is black pants, a red camisole and a black and white herringbone jacket. I also got one of those fun blouses that are all wrinkly with ruffles--you just handwash and let dry in the wrung position. That's how you store it, too, so I bought it because it will be great for packing for trips. I should have taken a pic when I wore it Sunday.

Next time.


  1. I want a picture of the wrinkly, packable blouse. Sounds like something from the Weekenders line. Red/B/W are my three staples with Purple & Turq for splash & variety. As I mature, it's ALL about comfort, but who says you can't do it with flair and color! My attire is costume or casual. My parents didn't recognize me when I dressed up for my aunt/uncle's anniversary! I no longer have the figure to wear my few leftovers from the 60's & 70's when they returned!! LOL So no point in saving them except for dramatic play costumes or pre-school dress up. I have a black camisole that I wear with green silk/tiny black polka dotted pajamas for fancy dress. Did you know the average American woman is a size 14? Plus size catalogs for me, not what fits/suits those 90 lb sticks. Can count on both hands the number of times I've worn pantyhose in the past 12 yrs. There is something to be said for garter belts!

  2. Panty hose are really out of vogue right now, so I'm doing w/out, but you know I have always loved the feel of them. There was no such thing when I was a teen--we had to wear garter belts!