Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who is on your Keeper Shelves?

Is there enough web space for this topic? LOL

These are the authors on my keeper shelves. How many do we share?

LaVyrle Spencer
Lisa Gregory/Candace Camp/Kristin James
Theresa Weir/Anne Frasier
Janet Evanovich
Kristin Hannah
Jude Devereaux
Megan Chance
Catherine Anderson
Laura Kinsale
Linda Howard
Pam Crooks
Susan Fox
Holly Jakobs
Pamela Morsi
Maureen McKade
Jill Marie Landis
Maggie Osborne
Alexis Harrington
Sharon Sala
Laura Lee Ghurke
Eloisa James
Penelope Williamson
Linda Castle
Paula Detmer Riggs
Emile Richards
Cheryl Reavis
Curtis Ann Matlock
Robyn Carr
Jane Goodger
Rachel Nelson
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Erin St.Claire (old Sandra Brown)
Suzanna Davis

series I collect on shelves:
Montana Mavericks (I have them ALL!)
Logan's Legacy
Ann of Greene Gables
Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich)
Sons & Daughters
Delta Jutice
Born in the USA

and there's a Paula Detmer Riggs series I'm going to be looking for--
Maternity Row?


  1. Some of these authors still have books in my TBR. Such is the life of a reviewer:

    Cheryl Reavis (I'd read her grocery list)
    Cheryl St. John (no, I'm not sucking up!)
    Susan Wiggs (I love her historical voice)
    Lorraine Heath's Texas trilogy
    Maggie Osborne
    The underappreciated Rock Creek Six series by Lori Handeland and Linda Devlin
    Deborah Smith
    Kathleen Eschenburg
    Laura Lee Guhrke

    Gosh, I'm sure I'm forgetting someone obvious. My keeper stash is rather small actually. I only keep books that really move me. Not "good" reads but "great" ones. That and I don't get the opportunity to reread that often!

  2. Geez, I forgot Pamela Morsi and Catherine Anderson! Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

  3. Pam Morsi
    LaVyrle Spencer
    Maggie Osborne
    James Herriot
    Early Mary Balogh
    Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    Some Jude Deveraux
    Susan Kay Law
    Cheryl Reavis
    Some Betty Neels
    Muriel Jensen
    Some Nora Roberts

    I never try for complete collections, just my favorite comfort reads from authors.

  4. Oh, good grief, read your list, Cheryl and remembered
    Kristin Hannah
    Curtis Ann Matlock

    The list goes on...and on...

  5. Sharon Sala
    Maggie Shayne
    Nicola Cornick
    Arto Paasilinna
    David and Leigh Eddings
    Nora Roberts
    J.D. Robb
    Vicki Lewis Thompson
    Alison Kent

  6. Patricia Cornwell
    Stephen King
    Dan Brown
    John Jakes
    Dean Koontz
    John Saul
    LaHaye & Jenkins
    Mary Higgins Clark
    Chris Matthews
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Al Gore
    Cheryl St.John

  7. This is like that Kevin Bacon game where we can link from the first person to the last by who they read! LOL

  8. I think I that I have way too many to list...LOL.

  9. I have a few Maternity Row and Judy's Books in Bellevue may have some.
    Susan Wiggs
    Nora Roberts (waiting til I have all JD Robb to start reading her series)
    LaVeryle Spencer (probably why I like you so much, Cheryl lol!!)
    Carolyn Davidson
    Merline Lovelace
    Trisha Alexander
    Barbara Bretton
    Barbara Delinsky
    Julia Quinn (Bridgerton Series+)
    Jane Feather
    Julie Beard
    Margaret Moore
    Deborah Simmons
    Arnette Lamb (1 signed but not met)
    Maura Seger

    Series Welcome to Tyler TBR
    Weddings by DeWilde (rereading now that I have all 12, missed 4)
    Have many Born in the USA
    LaHaye & Jenkins in my TBR (Young adult too)
    Better to stop: I have 17 bookcases, a library room and books in the basement & garage!
    Once I found out the library gets rid of my favorite childhood books, I'm a miserly collector. But I am learning to let go. Just the fact that you did, Cheryl, gives me Hope that I can, too!!
    Wendy, I review about 1 book a month. Jennifer, you are always so succinct, my opposite!

  10. I realised that all my favorite Authors are dead ones. This is very disconcerting. So, with your list in hand, tomorrow I head for the Libary.O to be 70 again.!

  11. Well, bless your heart, dear Anonymous! I wish you happy library hunting in finding my favorite authors.

  12. I love series book thats what i collect. I love the Montana series i'm trying to find all of them now. I do read single books but what capture my attention is a series In my computer room on one wall alone from ceiling to floor is my collections of series from authors I do have some singles on the other wall. Thank god my husband Dennis build my shelves for me and was very understanding