Thursday, June 08, 2006

Visit this website for a free bracelet kit - $1 donated to research

Order a free bracelet kit and $1 is donated to cancer research.
It's easy. Just fill out the form, and they mail the bracelet kit to you.


  1. I told some of ya'll I'm a six year breast cancer survivor, right? Well, I have the pink bracelet, tons of pink ribbons, Hard Rock pins, and a nice big dent in my breast where they removed a pea sized ball o' cancer. Man, I hope they find a cure soon, But I don't think they will in my lifetime. OH, did ya'll read about the cancer vaccine? If anyone at any time is going through this or is worried about it, I'm here for ya. A good support system is THE BEST thing one needs when facing this terrible, scary disease. It doesn't have to be scary...

  2. Hugs Mel! I lost my grandmother to Vaginal Cancer. I hope they find a cure soon too.

  3. Hugs Mel! 25% of our prayers at church are for people with various forms of cancer. Happy you've survived so long. My grandmother (age 61), mother (74), & 2 maternal cousins (45-male; 57- female) died of it, each a different kind (45 to 5 yrs apart so covered a lo-o-ong time.) Nice offer of support; no need now but will keep it in mind.