Sunday, June 11, 2006

some of my darlin's

For Mother's Day, the only thing my #2 daughter wanted was for her kids to put on the shirts she bought them and pose for pictures.

This is my favorite.


  1. That is a great picture. They look so happy they make you smile.

  2. Awww! They look so young and happy and carefree. I miss those days. This photo reminds me of one I have of the band I was in back in the 80's called "New Love Theory". We got on the floor in a circle and a friend stood on a ladder and took the photo.

  3. I'll have to find it, Cheryl. I can probably send it. We bought a new printer that can copy, print, scan and fax. I wonder if it can clean my house for me too? *g*

  4. Let me know how that works for you, Mel, cause I'll go right out and buy the same model!!

  5. That is a great picture of your grandchildren!

    I would love to see that, too, Mel.
    That sounds like a nice printer. My second one just broke and now I don't have one. I'm going to have to buy a new computer soon too. I better win the lottery! lol

  6. Carol, You and me both on the lottery! Except I don't like to gamble more than I can afford to lose so I spend my extra money on books, shoes, jewelry & garage sales; right, Cheryl & Mel? Not only is my printer out, but just got a new cell after a MONTH without it, the free dryer we got quit after 2 weeks (Thank HEAVEN my husband LOVES the laundromat for efficiency & space if not ambience)& 2 of our 4 vehicles have tricky ignition switches. Does this list tell you I dislike mechanical things that don't work properly?! Mel, what brand of printer? a neighbor gave us a printer but hubby declined to buy ink for it as we have ink for another type.

  7. Cute idea and wonderful pose of "darlin's." Ditto all compliments by Maureen, Mel, Jennifer & Carol. Your fans are wordsmiths!
    All my Mom wanted for Mother's Day was "peace & quiet."
    At our family reunion, each branch of the family wore the same color T-shirt, red, white or blue.

    Mel, your idea for a housecleaning printer would sell like hotcakes!!!