Thursday, June 08, 2006

NEW CONTEST! Are You Afraid?

Thought it was time to liven up things with a new contest.
Each comment here between now and next Friday is one entry.
The winner drawn from the fish bowl receives an autographed copy of Carla Cassidy's book: ARE YOU AFRAID?

Cool huh?


  1. Ill be the first. Looks like an interesting book.

    How's the gardening coming along?

  2. Sounds like a great book. I have never read any of hers, but I would love to.

    Sorry I haven't posted more. Things have been busy around here. Plus my sister had a baby girl yesterday.

  3. Interesting title, what's the story about?

  4. Cuz, the gardening part of the front yard is FINISHED! Well, okay I have one plant to replace. I even fertilized with Miracle Gro and am expecting things to POP! Now all that's left are the stairs for the porch. Hubby has to work Saturday, so that might not happen right away.

    Jennifer, a new niece! Send me a picture privately and I'll post it.

    Hi Bookworm! Here's what amazon says about Are You Afraid?

    Where do you go when you're running from the past?

    Long ago, Jessica Langford endured-and escaped-the menace of a serial killer who buried his victims alive. Overcoming this experience, she started her own radio program, helping those who live in fear to overcome their pasts just as she did. But then an anonymous man calls in to her show with knowledge of her experience-and her worst nightmares. She must uncover the mysterious caller's intentions before he kills again-and turns Jessica's life into a living hell.

  5. Yes! I'm afraid I won't win. LOL!
    I don't understand what's going on. I tried to get into several blogs today and yesterday and they all said "down for maintenance". Now I'm here and Cheryl's posting like crazy. *g* Got some catchin' up to do. I was watching the MTV movie awards but it's really boring.

  6. Blogs have been crazy all day...some have had wacky formats and haven't always let me post or get in.

  7. Mel,I've been having trouble with the blogs,too. They seem to be running fine now.

    That sounds like a great book by Carla! I just started reading another book by her, Hell on Heels! :)

  8. I DID have trouble posting to the blog yesterday! My dashboard said the site was down due to unforseen technical difficulties.

  9. Carol? Is "Hell on Heels" good?

    *whew* Glad it wasn't just me yesterday with blog trouble. I was wondering about my new computer. We have to call AOL about some other problems.

  10. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea, don't want to add to the stress of fears I already struggle with; sometimes even read the end first if it's too suspenseful. I'm too late anyway. I'll share my luck with someone else since I won last time.

    Cuz, what is the picture? Looks like a tombstone!
    Look forward to the baby picture, Jennifer.
    I've been enjoying the fruits of other peoples labor in beautiful gardens lately so know you'll really have something to be proud of, Cheryl. Bookworm, you took my other identity. Do you remember the old cartoon of the bookworm who ate thru books & made friends with a mouse names Sniffles who really was a bat?

  11. Lou, it IS a tombstone. If you click on it, it will take you to her blog. She's a geneologist! That's probably a picture she's taken in her travels. Is it, Cuz?

  12. Lou, the tombstone belongs to my great-great grandfather, John Welch. He died in 1870. The cemetery is in Cresco, Iowa. I edited out the inscription before I used the photo.

  13. My grandmother did/does geneology. She would always make trips to cemeteries and take pics and etchings of the tombstones. We she moved, she told us to make sure we got her ancestors out of the closet. We looked at her puzzled before we realized she meant the boxes of research and pics.

  14. My tombstone will say:
    Here lies Mel
    She was swell
    While fighting off crooks
    She was crushed by her books

    Naw. I'm going to be cremated.

  15. Hi Cheryl,

    This is my first visit to your blog. It seems quite interesting so I will be back again.

    You really are a collector, aren't you !! What does your family have to say about it ??

    All the best


  16. I've never read any of her books but the title is intriguing.