Friday, June 09, 2006

more of my collections

Hopefully, you'll be able to see some of my roosters and spice tins, etc.. This is one corner of my kitchen.


  1. cute. How many different collections do you have? What do you collect?

  2. Maybe it would be quicker to tell you what I don't collect. LOL

    * teapots
    * cups & saucers
    * china w/ roses
    * roosters
    * Royal Copley roosters
    * Royal Copley planters in pairs
    * McCoy pots
    * old photographs
    * Blue Willow
    * doilies w/ pansies
    * hurricane lamps
    * spice tins
    * dolls: Ginny, Barbie, My Scene, Disney (would love a Miss Revlon)
    * Madame Alexanders from McDonalds
    (I have an 8" that was my grandma's)
    * marble horsehead bookends
    * Dicken's Christmas village houses
    * old-fashioned Santas
    * vintage framed pictures of little girls
    * advertising signs for toiletry products
    * white stoneware
    * red & white crocheted potholders
    * vintage aprons
    * glass mixing bowls
    * small cream pitchers
    * ceramic pitchers
    * 40'& 50's glass pitchers
    * 40'& 50's metal serving trays
    * bunnies
    * vintage scotch tape and typewriter ribbon tins
    * sterling silver charms

    Do shoes & purses count?
    And there's stuff packed away that I haven't even thought of.

  3. You have an adorable kitchen, Cheryl.

    LMAO! That's some list of "don'ts". Btw, I'll remember this when I'm looking at estate sales and such. I have a friend who has a massive collection of Blue Willow. Now, you don't collect this stuff why? Do you already have lots of it? What's a Miss Revlon doll?

  4. WOW! Is that a list of what you don't collect or what you do collect? I see roosters on the list.

  5. No, no, Mel, this is the stuff I DO collect! LOL Sorry to be confusing.

  6. Ooooooo, OK! I was wondering why you wouldn't collect these items. I have a couple of pieces of black amethyst depression glass I'd be willing to sell. Ready to start your collection? *g* You'd get the best friend discount, Cheryl. :-)
    I'm also willing to trade. I don't drive that hard of a bargain. LOL!

  7. You are quite a collector! I just collect colored glass items, mostly vases and bowls. Oh, and, of course, books!