Tuesday, June 20, 2006

me and my darlin's

taken the day of my dad's birthday party


  1. Very sweet. I love family pictures. The pictures we toss aside today we love in a few years.

  2. What a good looking crew! Reminds me of our family reunions growing up and recent; regret I will miss an extended one this weekend. Family is so important; we are blessed to have people who take the time to arrange get togethers
    and make the time in busy schedules to gather for you never know when young or old will no longer be with us. Reminds me to get a letter off to them for update since 4 of our branches couldn't visit the rest of the family tree.

  3. You look more like their mother than their Grandmother. What do they call you? Do some have different pet names for you? My maternal gma died when I was 3, but I called my Dad's mother Nana (she lived to be 93.) Our boys called her GiGi for great-grandma (she spelled it GeeGee)and "the gma with the robotic leg" as she had a artificial leg with a flexible foot after her leg was amputated below the knee at age 91.

  4. Thank you, Lou! When Erin, the oldest, was a baby, I used to take care of her and take her places with me. People used to think she was mine. You're my favorite person today. LOL

    OKay, you asked! LOL Erin started it as a baby, and they ALL--yes all nine of them--call me Bama. Sounds like Mama. These later years I'm affectionately called The Bomb on occasion. But yes, even one of my son-in-laws and my daughter-in-law call me Bama.

    It's amusing when I'm introduced to teachers and friends like this, "This is my Bama."

    Thanks to all for your kind words this week.


  5. "Bama" is so cute. This picture is fantastic!

  6. Family is important/nothing should every tear it apart/pictures r great to have i'm always taking pictures every chance i get. i do love our family gatherings tho. It seems like every year we at least one or more addition to the family