Sunday, June 04, 2006

Guess who's a whole size smaller? Yep!

After an exhausting day of yard work on Saturday, I decided to take a Sunday afternoon trip to the mall. I spent a couple of hours just going through the stores trying on clothes in a smaller size! That made the past few weeks all worthwhile. And then I realized that one size just wasn't good enough -- I chose not to buy anything until I drop one more size. Then I'll knock myself out! So I bought a purse, a charm, a pair of pale yellow and lavender jammies and some fuzzy soft slipper socks to match. I had a J.C. Penny $10 off coupon and some 20% off Younkers coupons. Those get me every time. I always find the best purses at Penny's. Did I mention I live right by a gigantic mall AND a new shopping center?

So anyhoo, the front is finished except for the stairs. (that one itty bitty thing) I transplanted and planted and mulched and mulched and mulched some more. Then it rained last night, so the timing was perfect. Today I fertilized my roses.

My hubby built an arbor/trellis for the cucumbers to grow up and over. It's really cool. We keep saying that we'll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors soon. Maybe we keep saying it because we're not convinced. LOL


  1. Congrats! It must feel so good to wear a smaller size! I've got to start doing something so I can do that, too!

    Oh I have that J.C.Penny coupon too. I love those!

    Sounds like the yard is looking good!

  2. Lucky! I want to be about 60 pounds less. Funny you'd bring up a mall and shopping center. This is why I hate living in Newport. We're not close to anything and it's driving me crazy! When I moved from Hawaii back to the states we spent time in CT and I was close to stuff. Now, I'm stuck out in the boonies with nothing. Very depressing. I'm in a mood. Father's Day approaches and it's put me in a funk. Thanks for listening to my rant. LOL!
    Yes! Your yard is going to be fantastic!

  3. Just a thought, Mel: There are many elderly gentleman in care facilities who don't have anyone to come visit them. You might think about blessing one or two of them with a visit. (They love it if you bring a pet.) Doing something nice for someone else is often a good way to get out of a funk.

    My youngest daughter remembers that before she started kindergarten I used to take her to a nursing home once a week. We ate lunch and played bingo and games with the "grandmas and grandpas." The other day she had a slice of pumpernickle bread at a restaraunt and said, "This reminds me of when you took me to the nursing home when I was little."

  4. What a wonderful idea, Cheryl. Right now I just don't think I could handle it. But, I'm going to start therapy tomorrow. Maybe after I've gotten some things out of my system, and don't wanna cry every time I see someone who looks like Daddy, I will do it. Thank you.