Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Broken Trail

Broken Trail - The Official Website

There's quite a buzz about the new AMC movie, a western which I MISSED! The encore presentation is July 6th, so I won't miss it then. I've already downloaded my gorgeous wallpaper.


  1. Since you missed the moview, I would recommend picking up the novel by Alan Geoffrion-it won;t ruin your viewing experience, like so mnay books made into movies these days. The novel is terrific-great dialogue, great characters and wonderful story, and it is different in many respects to the movie-less action and more introspection. The movie was great (you will enjoy if you like solid acting and great vistas), but the novel is a excellent western and great summer read!

  2. I think I'll just do that, Tom. I can set it here on the TBR pile with Cold Maountain. LOL

  3. Cheryl-that's great. I wish you luck with Cold Mountain-that book was tough going. While beautifully written, I think Chas Frazier could have cut the manuscript by 1/3! Enjoy Broken Trail, the book and movie!