Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who reads romance?

From a past survey:

* average age of Harlequin/Silhouette readers: 41.1, compared
to the median age of the total population of U.S. women, 40.

* current household income of readers: $36,000 (U.S),
compared to the U.S. average of #32,264.

* 60% of current readers are employed outside of home.

* readers’ favorite magazines: Good Housekeeping, Reader’s
Digest, People, Woman’s Day and Redbook.

* readers enjoy a variety of music: Country & western is by far
the most popular choice, followed by Golden Oldies, Easy
Listening/Classical, Rock and Jazz.

* readers love crafts: painting, cross-stitching, sewing,
crocheting and knitting were the top choices.


  1. The average age on that survey is obviously wrong. Everyone knows that none of us are over 29!

  2. LOL! Missy.

    I don't read any of the mags you listed and I think it's crazy that C&W music is top on the list. No wonder the Europeans think we're a bunch of horse riding, boot wearing cowboys.

    Wait..I'm from Texas. *G*

  3. Interesting blog! And congrats on your successful career...I'm just starting out in this business and hope to be as successful eventually.

  4. They should list the important things like how smart we all are.

  5. Very interesting survey...I am curious to know if there were any other statistics collected in the survey or were those the only ones?

  6. Laine, lovely photo! Good luck with your writing

    Jenny, Harlequin does surveys like this every year for the World Beat newsletter that the authors receive as well as for a press publication they put out every year for Valentine's Day. I'll post them here whenever I see them.