Monday, October 24, 2005

Top Ten Pet Peeves in Romance Novels

In no particular order these things irritate me:

1 - The heroine has tiny feet.
How many people actually think of their own feet as "tiny?"

2 - The heroine falls asleep thinking about what's going to happen.

3 - The heroine has "small perfect" teeth.

4 - Jumping in and out of heads/point of view.
Do readers notice or care when we even know what the cab driver's thinking?

5 - A couple jumping into bed before I care about them - or before they care about each other. Yawn.

6 - The ending feels rushed, as though the author only had so many pages to resolve everything in.

7 - A story that starts out with so much backstory that I feel as though I've missed the previous book.

8 - Heroines who giggle.

9 - Heroines who only need a shower and a little lip gloss to look like JLo. Yeah, right.

10 - Hero's with bad attitudes and nobody ever calls them on it.

How about you?


  1. Like you, I do not like it when endings feel rushed. I also do not like it when some authors leave loose ends, fail to offer closure, or end a book abruptly. Unless they are planning sequels to books it would be nice to have an epilogue or something that tells a little bit about what happened to the characters. But that is just my opinion and it does not necessarily apply to all books.

  2. I know this is definitely a "petty" pet peeve, but something that really bothers me in books biologically impossible eye color. For instance, the sequel to a book has the daughter of Jack and Jill who you know from the first book both had blue eyes. But the beautiful daughter has brown eyes. NOT POSSIBLE! Come on, I learned that in high school biology.

  3. Oh, I just had comment on #9. Have you ever seen pictures of JLo after just a shower and a little lip gloss? Maybe it wouldn't be too difficult for a fictional heroine to top that! LOL! I know what you mean, though. It is annoying when the heroine is ALWAYS gorgeous.

    I recently read THE MASQUERADE by Brenda Joyce and I have to give her kudos for her heroine. To the hero, she was the most beautiful, sexy thing ever. But everyone else saw her as a plain Jane. Loved it!

  4. I can't stand a hero or heroine who is gorgeous and every character of the book must tell you how wonderful they are.

  5. What Maureen said. I don't want to read about impossibly perfect people - it just makes me feel like a total failure.

    On your #9 - I once read a suspense novel where the heroine was being stalked by a serial killer, an insomniac and complete ball of stress. Yet (YET) she was still able to stop men in their tracks. Yeah right!

  6. I just finished reading a delightful love story that only implied a sex scene. That was rather refreshing. It is a small book, but had the most-thoughtful hero of any romance book I have ever read and I have read many. I fell in love with the guy. Ah, if only all men were like Nick! (The book is Unbroken by Andrea Wilder.)

  7. Repetive phrases. Poorly done research. Characters using words not used in a certain time period.

  8. I'm reading a book for Halloween. Yesterday, I read the heroine has tiny feet and I thought of you Cheryl. *G* Oh, this heroine also has a tiny waist and big boobs. Described so well as to turn this breast cancer survivor off!

  9. Ack, well, the tiny waist goes without saying, right? and perfect, perky boobs. Double ack. How 'bout a slight pooch on that belly and boobs that ain't what they used to be? MEN don't care! Why should we?? LOL

    And congratulations on being a cancer survivor. Praise God!

  10. Thank you. I am proud to be a 6 year survivor. Get those mammograms ladies!

  11. Heroines who don't do what they are told to do, and proceed to get into trouble. We call them "Books with Stupid women" lol,
    Also things out of time period.