Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Favorite Places

I love lists! Can you tell? LOL

These are some of the places I love to go, in no particular order:

1 - garage sales, ideally all in one awesome area and all with incredible stuff at really low prices

2 - flea markets

3 - salad bars

4 - drives in the country in the autumn

5 - viewing model homes

6 - historic homes

7 - any place on a vacation trip with no rigid schedule

8 - movies

9 - family dinners

10 - kids' Christmas programs


  1. I love the country in Autumn...I also love the mountains in Autumn. I live in the suburbs where trees are somewhat few and far between, but I went to college in northern Georgia where there were mountains and plenty of trees. The colors of the leaves were always so beautiful.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year, too. Another place/event to add to the list is fall festivals. You know, county fairs, craft festivals, etc. I live in southern Tennessee and we have lots of those around here. We even have the fall Color Cruise on the Tennessee River. Booth after booth of homemade crafts and let's not forget the caramel apples and funnel cakes!

  3. I love taking a trip to the beach in the Fall.

  4. Your mention of liking a vacation without a rigid schedule. For the last few vacations my hubby and I have chosen a centrally-located Texas town and reserved our motel room there and each day traveled to and from a different town (or several) around that base town. That way we don't have to pack and unpack suitcases. It has proved a great way to travel, we have seen a lot of interesting places, eaten at many great restaurants,etc.

  5. If you love historic homes *and I do too* you'd love it here in Newport. Come visit and we'll tour a mansion. *G*
    I like to go to garage sales and flea markets too. But, my very favorite place to go is any bookstore! New or used.
    Unfortunately, I spend most of my time going to doctors.

  6. Sounds great, Mel! We can stop for mocha latte along the way!

  7. LOL! OK, Cheryl. Perhaps we can do some shopping too!

  8. Autumn air reminds me of champagne bubbles, makes me wish I could fly like Peter Pan. Our home is named Haven in the Wood, 150 yr old oak in the yard, 5 ft around. I don't wear fall colors, just admire God's palette. I glean at flea markets/garage sales; let me know what you look for & I'll probably find it. Better yet, let's go together! Want to try a cruise similar reason to Gladys' idea. My addiction is new/used bookstores. Cheryl, you attract my kind of women!