Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sizzling Summer

Today was the first day in the low nineties for weeks. It's so hot, the dog doesn't even want to go out. We had a birthday party here on Saturday and instead of grilling, I cooked and we ate inside. We still have cake left. My daughter Kristin ordered it, and it was half white with chocolate chips and half strawberry--and the entire thing had chocolate frosting. Her theory: birthday cakes are usually boring because people always order the same thing. That's my girl. Yum.

We have to water our flower gardens and vegetables every other day. We have cukes coming out our ears and HUGE green pumpkins!

I put up a feeder with thistle seed for the finches, and they're just darling. We have a squirrel that loves to tease the dog. Sits on the opposite side of the privacy fence and shakes his tail--the dog goes crazy.

Tonight, since it was cooler, I walked to a huge bank of daisies and chrysanthemums at a nearby park area and dead headed the dried flowers for the seeds. Our berms in the front are mostly wild-looking flowers, except for the lilies and gladiolus and mums.

I have a huge tub of strawberries to plant, but it rained last night, so I'm waiting for the ground to dry out.

My fingers are sore from those prickly flower heads.

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