Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Joys of Summer

Today I was good to myself and had lunch with friends. It's one of the perks of being self-employed--you can schedule anything as long as you get the work done. We gathered at a lovely froo froo restaurant that serves a hundred varieties of salads and quiche and ate in the sunroom. I had the salad sampler plate and a bowl of cool gaspacho. Mmmm. Can you just see your hubby or boyfriend digging this place? Not. But there were a few brave fellows there on their lunch hour.

There's a huge wooden table at the door and all the loaves of bread it holds are $1 each on Tuesdays, so I brought home a couple loaves.

You've got to love cell phones, right? What did we ever do before we had them? I can have my calls forwarded to my cell phone and no one knows I'm not working when I answer. LOL "Yes, I'm here slaving away. Yes, I'll take another lemon slice in my water, please. No, I was just making up dialogue for my characters."

It's so HOT in my city that we're thinking of renaming it Oma-HOT. We're watering our yard and garden like crazy. My hubby brought in a dozen beautiful cucumbers tonight. One of my daughters stopped by and promptly took over half--her kids love them. I took several to dinner at her house on Sunday and they were gone in a heartbeat.

The pumpkin patch is taking over the garden, so we have to clip back and trim a few of the flowers off--but they're so pretty. Especially in the mornings when the flowers are open and bright yellow. We have quite a few good-sized pumpkins--but alas no tomatoes yet.

I stopped at a stand with a sign that read Yutan. That's a small community outside Omaha. The tomatoes had stickers on them that read "Arkansas vine ripened." What kind of a racket is that? I bought some anyway, because we're salivating for BLTs.

The corn has been luscious. My hubby buys it from truck gardens on his way home from work and we grill it in foil. That's my favorite way. Yum.

I love summer food.
Cher :-)

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