Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How do you say St.John?

Today a reader posted asking how my last name was pronounced.  She obviously knew of the Old English pronunciation.  Well, my grandmother always pronounced it "SENT-jen" with the accent on the first syllable, close to the Old English.  My family and I pronounce it SAINT John, with the accent on Saint.  And when it's printed, there is no space between the St. and the John.  Like this --------> St.John
There you have it, all you ever wanted to know about my name.
Today I was blown away to note that my first blogs have gone into the archives!  Guess I'm awfully chatty!  If you want to read more blogs, click on the archive button on the right.
And by the way, did you know "blog" is not in email spell check?  Not mine anyway.

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