Monday, July 25, 2005

Desk Stuff

I have a desk that wraps from one side of my office, along the wall, and over to the other side, so it's actually two corners and one wall. The entire back behind the work space and below the hutches are fabric bulletin boards, and they're filled with bookcovers, notes, and pictures of readers.

My work computer is in the corner closest to the door, and the top is completely littered at any given time. There's a pile of mail to be answered, a wooden pencil holder that looks like books filled with remotes, the matching tissue box, dictionaries and thesauruses, the notebook for my current book--always open--post-its & pens, my jump drive--I'll never be without back up again--a little tin of cuticle cream and cuticle scissors, hotel-size hand lotions, a shell worn smooth from rubbing, and a magnetic sculpture. It's Xs and Os on a magnet base, fun to stack and play and fiddle with.

I also have three Crayons from Sharon Sala's workshop at the last RWA conference I attended, where she spoke about coloring outside the lines.

Okay, there's a cup of cold coffee and my cell phone at this moment, too.

I should take a picture, eh, and then I wouldn't need a thousand words.

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