Saturday, July 23, 2005

Christmas In X-S: Thinking COOL Thoughts

I promised to tell about this before the end of July.

We love Christmas decorations! We have an entire storage room filled with only Christmas decorations, including four trees and a 40+ piece Dickens Village. One of our trees is pre-lit with all white lights and it revolves. It's incredible. We can do trees in many styles:

* By color - purple; blue & green; red & green; gold; or multi.
* Entirely Santa, including concrete sleigh base.
* Victorian - I do this one every year because it's my favorite.
* Old fashion toys and dolls,
* Handcrafted
* Vintage ornaments

The boxes of bead garland in all colors and varieties weigh a TON.

One year we had an enormous tree and made the mistake of using the old-fashion bulbs. I had to remember to turn it off before I blow-dried my hair! And just walking past it, we felt a wave of heat. We disposed of those light sets once the season passed.

My husband's favorites are the bubble lights, and we've built our collection so that we can do an entire tree. It goes really well with the old-fashion Santa theme.

The village is a masterpiece of electrical ingenuity each set up. At one time my collection was small, and it could be displayed on a piece of plywood covered with cotton snow. Then it grew to the proportions of covering the tops of seven bookcases and two china hutches. Since we moved and downsized, it simply doesn't fit anywhere, so it's lying fallow for a season or two.

I'm a silk flower freak, too, and I have enough Christmas silks to replace all the planters and vases and swags and drape the mantle with greenery swags and lights. Even the bathrooms have themes at Christmas time- Santas, angels, elves--with decor and towels, candles and shower curtains to match.

I have a Santa mug collection, you know those old-fashion heads? It takes up a few shelves now, and includes a teapot and creamer and sugar.

A couple years ago, my husband bought me the most beautiful holly teapot and creamer and sugar set--now one of my favorite things.

I have collectable candles from the 50s - angels, reindeer, trees, igloos, choir boys & girls.

I have several Nativities, my favorite being the porcelain Home Interior set from a few years back, including the stable and accessories.

I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of... what can I say? I love Christmas.
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