Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Books, Books, Everywhere Books!

When we moved last summer, we downsized. I packed up eight huge boxes of paperbacks and mailed them to friends Tina and Connie at Dog-Eared Books. I also dropped off bags and bags at the Goodwill. Sold old hardbacks at a garage sale. I Freecycled bags of books. I went from seven bookcases in my living room to four. I sent a box of vintage Harlequins to my editor--she was thrilled. Some of them originally cost .25 and I had inherited them from a family member. I loved them, but they'd been in a box for years.

Just this past Spring I purged my office to incorporate new, more streamlined furniture and went from eight bookcases in my office to five. If I can get rid of one more, I can keep my office curio. I no longer have a tbr cabinet. I gave that away, too. Gave away bookcases. Used some for storage in the basement. I finally faced the fact that I'd never read all those new books--and that I'd never re-read the ones I'd read and kept.

For four months I held weekly contests from my website and newsletter and gave away packages and sets of books--many of them autographed. That was costly because of postage, but it was a huge hit with readers and I gained many subscribers because of it. I'm much more selective about what I buy now. And much more selective about what I keep. I only keep my very favorites. If it was a good read, but I probably won't read it again, I give it away.

I still support my fellow authors by buying books, but I now have them generically signed and give them away in contests.

And you know what? I don't miss them!

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