Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BLOGDATE: July 2005

Okay, I'm offically a blogger. Only recently did I even know what blogging was and never did I think I'd be doing it. Bloggers blather. They talk about any old thing that pops into their head that day--and people read it! Many bloggers write about things that irritate them. I've come up with a thing or two....

Something that irritates me? All those dump stands crowded in front of the books in Walmart--right in front of the romance section--right in front of the series books. Sunglasses, cookbooks, teen fashion magazines--I've mentioned the situation several times to my local store manager without much success. They have nothing to do with stocking the books, you know; that's done by an employee of the book distributor.

So I move the stands and racks to get to the books, but of course next time I go back, there they are again--or others just like them.

The good news is, those stands in the way don't seem to be deterring the die-hard romance readers, because the series and romances still fly off the shelves. Good job, readers!

The other thing in that section that bugs me? All those subscription renewal cards that fall out of the magazines all over the floor. Isn't a renewal form inside the magazine good enough? Wouldn't one suffice? Do we need four that say the same thing with different pictures?

And speaking of magazines...I'm addicted to decorating magazines, especially flea market, Victorian, collectables, cottage or country. Big surprise there, huh? I subscribe to several. And my subscriptions are probably good until 2020. You see, those sneaky companies have a racket. They send renewal forms that look like bills--and they send them months and years before the subscription expires. What are we conditioned to do? See a bill, pay it.

My husband was cheerfully paying all the bills until I realized my subscriptions had all been extended until Judgment Day.

I know you're on the edge of your seat wondering if I save all these magazines. (Oh, and I have a friend who saves me home and garden magazines, too.) Well, the answer is no. But I do save pictures and articles and instructions. They're organized in plastic sleeves in notebook binders by rooms, Christmas, garden....

Sometime I'll have to talk about Christmas....

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