Saturday, May 16, 2009

BOOK LIST: Cheryl St.John's Books

The Wedding Journey
Love Inspired Historical 4/12

Snowflakes and Stetsons Anthology/A Magical Gift at Christmas
Harlequin Historical 10/11

Her Wyoming Man
Harlequin Historical 7/11

Marrying the Preacher's Daughter
Love Inspired Historical 6/11

Western Winter Wedding Bells
Harlequin Historical Anthology 10/10

To Be a Mother
Love Inspired Historical Anthology 4/10

Her Colorado Man
Harlequin Historical 12/09

The Preacher’s Wife
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical, 6/09

Her Montana Man
Harlequin Historical, 12/08

The Magic of Christmas Anthology / Novella: A Baby Blue Christmas
Harlequin Historical

A Western Winter Wonderland / Anthology Novella: Christmas Day Family

The Preacher's Daughter
Harlequin Historical

The Lawman’s Bride
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/07 ISBN #0-373-29435-0

Wed Under Western Skies Anthology / Novella: Almost A Bride
Harlequin Historical ~ 7/06 ISBN #0-373-29399-2

The Bounty Hunter
Montana Mavericks Historical ~ 9/05 ISBN #0-373-81121-7

His Secondhand Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 7/05 ~ISBN #0-373-29360-7

Million-Dollar Makeover
Silhouette Montana Mavericks ~ 6/05 ~ ISBN #0-373-24688-9

Prairie Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/05 ~ ISBN #0-373-29339-9

Child of Her Heart
Silhouette Logan’s Legacy ~ 12/04 ~ ISBN #0-373-61390-3

Charlie’s Angels
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 8/04 ~ ISBN #0-373-61390-3

The Tenderfoot Bride
Harlequin Historical ~ 11/03 ~ ISBN #0-373-29279-1

Marry Me…Again
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 8/03 ~ ISBN #0-373-24558-0

Christmas Gold Anthology Novella / Colorado Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/02 ~ ISBN #0-373-29227-9

Nick All Night
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 6/02 ~ ISBN #0-373-24475

The Gunslinger’s Bride
Harlequin Historical Montana Mavericks
Single Title 9/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-29177-9

The Magnificent Seven
Silhouette Montana Mavericks, Wed In Whitehorn
3/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-65055-8

Sweet Annie
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-29148-5

Big Sky Brides Anthology / Novella: Isabelle
Silhouette’s Montana Mavericks ~ 3/00 ~ ISBN #0-373-48381-3

The Doctor’s Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/99 ~ ISBN #0-373-29081-0

Joe’s Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 4/99 ~ ISBN #0-373-29051-9

For This Week I Thee Wed
Harlequin Duets ~ 7/99 ~ ISBN #-373-44072-3

The Mistaken Widow
Harlequin Historical ~ 9/98 ~ ISBN #0-373-29029-2

The Truth About Toby
Silhouette Intimate Moments #810 ~ 9/97 ~ ISBN#0-373-07810-2

A Husband By Any Other Name
Silhouette Intimate Moments #756 ~ 12/96 ~ ISBN#0-373-07756-4

Badlands Bride
Harlequin Historical Single Title ~ 7/96 ~ ISBN#0-373-28927-8

Saint or Sinner
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/95 ~ ISBN#0-373-28888-3

Land of Dreams
Harlequin Historical ~ 4/95 ~ ISBN#0-373-28865-4

Heaven Can Wait
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/94 ~ ISBN#0-373-28840-9

Rain Shadow
Harlequin Historical ~ 3/94 ~ ISBN#0-373-28812-3


  1. Hi, Cheryl,

    I recently came across a couple
    of your older books at a garage
    sale. Joe's Wife & The Mistaken
    Widow really hold up well against
    today's "product." I enjoyed them
    very much!

    Pat Cochran

  2. Oh, thank you, Pat! Joe's Wife is very hard to find!

    Cher :-)

  3. I absolutely love the tenderfoot bride!! I wish a movie would be made about it. I had to buy another book because I read the first one so much!!


  4. Thank you, Kim! You made my day. Plotting a new story.

  5. I don't go in for Romance novels very often & Westerns even less, but you won me over w/ "Land of Dreams"! Absolutely loved it & could NOT put it down, & it was meant for a 'little light reading b4 going to sleep'. Ha! Stayed up just to keep reading. While your Epilogue at the end jumped the characters forward a decade or so, would LOVE to have more to read of Thea & Booker's marriage/romance/life together. Perhaps it was the military connection w/ Booker as I'm former Naval Officer, & though not tall like Thea, I've had my hopes & dreams for a family & marriage dashed by a certain women's disease. Loved, loved, loved it. Just perusing your other titles to see what I want to go for next. W. King, Sudbury, MA

  6. And an FYI I will be bringing this book out for Kindle very soon!

  7. I saw an advertisement in the back of a book I was reading and borrowed The Preacher's Wife from the library. I read half of it the first night! This Love Inspired novel should be the book that all other Love Inspired novels are measured. It is not light on faith, great characters, and scripture.

    Was pleased to see Marrying the Preacher's Daughter continues w/one of the daughters. Am truly hoping to see Abigail and Anna as well in the very near future. It is always uplifting to read of Godly people.

    Am looking forward to also reading The Lawman's Bride. :)

    A new fan,

  8. Thank you so much, Bonita! Your words blessed me tonight. xoxo

    I will be thinking about those stories for Abigail and Anna. I do have ideas.... My editor would love to hear from you. Please write harlequin at the address in the front of the books.

  9. There are precious few authors whose books I wait for eagerly and not only read them once but again and again.

    I have been a fan of yours since the first time I read The Doctor's Wife. I have since read it about 10 times, along with The Mistaken Widow. Each time I read one of my favorites it is like visiting old friends.

    I have read all of your books, and while I find the books from the Love Inspired series to be good reads, I fall in love with the characters and stories from the Harlequin Historical series. My favorite book that combined a spiritual element and an in-depth romance was The Preacher's Daughter. I truly hope that there are more books like this to look forward to.

    Thank you for the hours I spend falling in love with the people you bring to life.


  10. Tasha, you just made my day--or should I say millennium? :-)
    What a wonderful uplifting post today. Thank you. I m getting teary at rereading your words.

    The HHs are my favorite to write, as well. I'm working on one right now. I'm calling it Song of Home, and I hope you love it as much as your other favorites. I'll think of you as I write today, because the fact is, it's all about the reader and what engages her/you.

    My first 4 books will soon be out as digital books, so if you have a Kindle, you'll see them soon. They are edited and I'm actually revising Heaven Can Wait now.

    Best to you,
    Cher :-)

    1. Cher,

      I am so excited to hear that you are writing a new HH book. I can not wait to read it! I loved Heaven Can Wait and will look forward to the revision. In fact, now in addition to my paperback copies, I'll have to have the digital copies of your first four books so that I can see how they have changed.

      I'm glad my post could make your day. You truly have an amazing gift that I am so glad you have chosen to share.

      Happy writing,

  11. Tasha, Did you see the two covers I put up in the sidebar? I'm in love. :-)

  12. Wow, I am thrilled to find your blog!! I love your books so much and read and reread them!! I am anxiously waiting for Rain Shadow to become available on Kindle! Thanks so much for using your genius in writing books! I read for something fun to do and am collecting all of your books!!! My favorite so far is His Second Hand Wife. I also connected well with Heaven Can Wait!

  13. I loved your Winter of Dreams. Did you do a follow up story on Tessa?
    Cheryl C.