Tuesday, December 13, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Christmas Photos - Great Christmas Tree Tour 2016

I counted. I could fit most of my village houses on this tree

Most of us could do this in a heartbeat, right?

Can you imagine walking along this peaceful street?

le sigh - vintage Shiny Brite ornaments

such a lovely tree

love this door and porch

Looks like a Victorian Christmas scene

I have a collection of these Santa mugs too

love this tree! where would I put it?

I can see these on my Victorian tree

so pretty

Connie Cooper's tree

My metal sculpture tree is up all year round, but it is decorated at Easter and Christmas

2015 Elli with their tree

who wouldn't want to take this little tree home?

ready for guests


  1. Love them all!! It's my favorite time of the year.

  2. Wow, all of these are wonderful decorations.

  3. I love all these Christmas pictures! I would love to walk down that peaceful street myself. It reminds me of a street in "It's A Wonderful Life" Christmas movie. And, I really love the tree with the villages. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cheryl, I want to thank you for doing the Christmas tree tour! I love seeing the different types of trees and decorations :) I wasn't pleased with my tree this year and I have gotten a lot of inspiration from your posts that I can use for next year. I've also enjoyed hearing from the different authors about their Christmas traditions and latest books. Got a few on my reading list now.

    1. Thanks, Donna! That's great to hear. I have been known in the past to take the decorations off and start over. I once bought a new tree and put it up and completely decorated it AFTER Christmas! I'm crazy like that. I adore seeing everyone's trees. Hope you found a few authors to try. xoxo

  5. I love the book tree, though it wouldn't stay like that for long in my house!