Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Great Christmas Tree Tour 2016: Jules Dixon


Hello! Thank you to Cheryl for letting me share a little about our trees and traditions with you today.

Last year I decided to downsize our Christmas tree collection. I'd previously decorated and trimmed six trees, but time and energy just weren't allowing for that anymore. So, I gave away four trees, keeping only a 7-foot unique tree and an 18" table top one.

When it came to decorating the house this year, I felt like something was missing. Yes, the trees. So, I got in my car and off to a home decorating store I went. And I came home with two new trees. Smaller than the previous ones, but unique and fitting for my collection of decorations.

Upstairs in the family room is the family tree that sports over 250 unique ornaments, about half of them are snowmen because I am a snowman freak, but followed up by snowmen are owls, and then a collection of Hallmark ornaments that we started when my hubby and I first were married. Which will be 25 years today, December 21! Many of those ornaments hold wonderful memories that I cherish. 

These are the two trees that are on the first floor. The smaller table top one has decorative ornaments from the Hot Shops Art Center- Omaha NE that are just amazing in the string of sparkling lights that catch the intricate hand painted designs. 
One tradition we have is the Christmas Pickle. If you're not familiar with that tradition, it has been said this custom originated in Germany, but after some research, I find it is probably more an American commercial invention. But no matter the start, we love the tradition. We hide a pickle ornament, and the morning of Christmas whichever child (now adults) finds it, he/she gets a special gift. This is our cute little pickle--he even talks! 

And yes, I will "re-hide" him on Christmas Eve because my son will undoubtedly have already scouted out his location before his sister gets here Christmas morning. 


And lastly, downstairs we have the two new trees. My hubby calls them "Mardi Gras trees" because they are so colorful and bright, and prelit trees--brilliant idea--just sayin'!  

And yes, that's a bulb on the floor in the first tree picture...our two cats just can't leave them alone, so we always leave one unbreakable bulb on the floor for them to play with. It does seem to detour future exploration. ;-)

In celebration of the season, my holiday novella, Ribbons of Love: Triple R 6 was released by Evernight Publishing. This story takes the beauty and magic of the holidays and mixes in a woman with self-doubts and a man with strong convictions to be with her and we find out if they are a present meant for each other. The story is part of a series, but all can be read as standalone stories, and as you can see they are as colorful as my "Mardi Gras" trees :-).

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