Saturday, December 08, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: *lizzie starr

We Three Wee Trees

I swear October and November were each only about two weeks long--and December really snuck up on me. The fact no one in my household wanted to rearrange furniture for a large tree had us decorating table top trees.

This purple and silver tree sits next to the desk in the living room, and when I open the curtains it can be seen from the front porch. Like so many of you, I love purple, so there's nothing but that color gracing the silver branches. The bead garland is too long for such a little tree, but I think the extra adds a bit of interest draped over the cloth.

Next is a one sided tree my mom set on a chest against the wall. Now it's at home on our very narrow mantle. My sister decorated this tree with tiny ornaments and itty bitty LED lights. There's no purple ornaments or lights, but the picture next to the tree has purple. (This is an original made by Cheeta--of Tarzan fame.)

And finally, my little tree at work. I added a few purple ornaments to keep with my theme. No, the tree doesn't have an odd growth. 

Hiding behind the tree are a pair of cactus I rescued a couple years ago when work did a plant purge bringing them from the cold outside to my kitchen. I love cacti, and they've healed up and prospered. As much as you can tell a cactus prospers.

My three wee trees and I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

*lizzie starr writes fantasy and contemporary romance. When not reading, writing, or dreaming,  she's a well-loved lunch lady. You can find *lizzie at her blog starrwords, on facebook, twitter and Pinterest, and of course at her website.

By Keltic Design (Double Keltic Triad Book One)

Allyn Keely, Celtic artist and friend of Faerie, finally finds a man she can love. But she’s older than he is and faces the insurmountable task of helping him realize his destiny in the Otherworld.

Successful businessman, Jaye Zeroun prides himself on his realistic, but lonely, view of life. Until Allyn knots her way around his heart and fills his life with a fantasy he refuses to believe. Then danger threatens their love, forcing him to either accept a deadly battle or lose the very things he never included in his life, a family and a love beyond his wildest imagining.


  1. I love your little trees. I give up my big one this year, and immediately replaced it with a less-complicated-but-still-big one, but I think I enjoy my little ones the most.

  2. The little trees are wonderful. especially the purple one Of course I am a purple freak. LOL And yes where did October and November go and now we are almost looking at Christmas.

    Your book sounds very interesting.

  3. I have a 'wee' tree on my cubical counter at work. It's all red and silver, which works great because it's the school colors of the University that work for.

    Love seeing your trees. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. thanks for taking the time to check out my wee trees! Have a great holiday!