Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Bailey Bristol

 I've always loved dressing the house for Christmas, and in particular, dressing the mantel. So now that we've downsized our living arrangements, I've suddenly wakened to the fact that our new digs has no fireplace! What am I to do? Pine cones and garland on the window sills? There's no descending stair banister, either, so cascading evergreen is out of the picture. It seems that no matter the solutions I devise, I find myself half-hearted. But in no way am I half-hearted about our Christmas house. 

Because our beautiful tree, decorated in part by our four-year-old grandson (and undecorated with far less ceremony by our one-year-old granddaughter) is indeed the majestic center of our Christmas home. And that is as it should be...a glowing testament to God's love shown to us through His son, right in the middle of our house that love built. Oh yes, I'm content. We've plenty of love to warm this place without grate and ash. We have one another. That's decoration aplenty for me! Merry Christmas!

Bailey Bristol

The Devil's Dime Book One in The Samaritan Files

New York City 1896

The tattered blue folder that was handed to Jess Pepper his first week on the job bulged with reports of violent crimes against women. Lovely, dark-haired women, caught alone after dark on streets New Yorkers thought of as safe. They were brutal crimes, by a fellow who was never caught, because each time, just as the young woman felt certain she drew her last breath, a man stepped from the shadows. And saved her. Now, twenty years later, the crudely lettered words penciled on the folder's cover grabbed Jess and wouldn't let go. The Samaritan Files. Twenty women had survived those crimes two decades ago, because of one good man. One good Samaritan. Who was he? And why hadn't the city thanked him?

Chief Deacon Trumbull relished the lavish life he lived, a life of wealth and status far beyond what his salary and station should have garnered him. He wore only the best, smoked only the best, kept only the best in his well-stocked private bar, all paid for by years on "the take", years living on the devil's dime. He was not about to let an upstart investigative reporter at the New York Times threaten his lucrative empire. That would not happen. Not while Deacon Trumbull drew breath. Not as long as he could find that blasted Samaritan first. And make him disappear once and for all.

Addie Magee found a great deal more than she anticipated when she brought her violin to New York City. She found a group of young women ready to follow her lead into a promising career as the Avalon Strings. She found the father she hadn't seen for sixteen years. And the young man to whom she was losing her heart threatened to ruin it all.

Now Addie is abducted, her father is about to be executed, and an evil man's vengeance is unleashed, all because of Jess's reporting.

And only Jess can save them.

THE DEVIL'S DIME (Book One in the Samaritan Files)
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  1. I love your tree it looks very victorian. I can understand missing the mantel that would be hard to get used to. I don't have a fireplace and have always wanted one, so we bought one of those I call them fake fireplaces but it is beautiful maybe not as big as a normal one but it is still fun to decorate. Happy Holidays.

  2. Bailey, the tree is gorgeous! Dressed by little hands makes it even more special.

    I'm not sure I want to downsize just yet even though we've been empty-nesters for several years now. I love my house, and when everyone comes over, we definitely need the extra room.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. In light of this week's tragedy, these little hands are more precious than my heart can convey. How blessed we are to have been spared such agony as our distant neighbors in Connecticut. Gratitude takes on a whole new meaning this Christmas. Love to you all! Merry Christmas. Bailey