Monday, December 10, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Phyliss Miranda

First off, I’d like to thank Cheryl for allowing readers a glimpse into some of her writer friend’s Christmas trees and holiday traditions.

I have to admit that I cheated a little bit this year, since this tree isn’t mine, but belongs to Jodi Thomas.  And, isn’t it beautiful? 

This year since my kids and their families are all going to be gone for Christmas and we are celebrating the holiday on the 28th, my darlin’ husband of forty-four years and I decided not to get in the attic and get down our tree and all the decorations this year.

If I had put up my regular tree, Jodi’s and mine have one thing in common ... the Angel on the top.  Jodi’s is made out of one of her grandmother’s dollies.  What a wonderful way to always keep your grandmother’s memory alive.

In my case, my Angel was the one from my first Christmas; and yes, many years ago.  Mother gave it to me the first year I married and I’ve had it on our tree every year since.  I’d hoped to find a digital picture of the Angel but couldn’t; so, I selected a picture of our tree about ten years ago.   

My oldest granddaughter is wearing one of her mother’s Christmas formals from many years back. Notice the clip holding it together.  She’s a senior this year; while my other granddaughter, who is a freshman in high school, is wearing her mother’s petticoats from one of her old formals. I recall her telling me that the petticoats were prettier than the dress ... which made me rethink my sewing skills.

Now about our tree.  My two daughters have always called it the “junk Christmas tree” because I have everything they ever made in school on it, along with every little construction paper chain.  When they were little, we always went together and bought a new ornament for that particular year. When we traveled, I also purchased a new ornament.  So, yes, our tree was definitely a “junk Christmas tree”, but as my two girls got older and had families of their own, they now have their own “junk tree”!  

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into both Jodi’s and my trees.  As an early Christmas present, I’d love to give away a copy of A Texas Christmas written by Jodi Thomas, DeWanna Pace, Linda Broday, and myself.

A native Texan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Phyliss Miranda still believes in the Code of the Old West and loves to share her love for antiques, the lost art of quilting, and the Wild West.

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In the Texas Panhandle, the winters are long, the storms fierce--and the Yuletide nights are sizzling. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas along with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda and DeWanna Pace, bring you one tempting holiday delight. . .
On the eve before Christmas a blizzard arrived, transforming a small Texas town into a night to remember. Four ladies desperately in need of saving, four hard-ridin' cowboys who aim to please. . . When a lone farmer strides to a pretty store owner's rescue, their deepest wishes just might come true. . . A brave heiress can't believe a rugged angel is riding out of the night to save her and her fellow train passengers--until she gets him under the mistletoe. . . A quiet loner wants to help a stranded widow have a holiday to remember. . . And a female saloon owner tired of being scorned by respectable folk gets some very naughty help from a handsome greenhorn. . .
"Readers couldn't ask for a finer quartet of heroes. . ." --Romantic Times on Give Me a Texas Ranger
"Will warm your heart and bring a smile to your lips." --Love Western Romances on Give me a Cowboy
--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.


  1. I love the picture of your granddaughters, as well as the "junk tree", the best kind! Jodi's tree is pretty, too, and I really like that bookshelf back there...

  2. The Junk Christmas Tree, what a great name. Do the kids appreciate it? At least now that they're adults? They must if they've got their own.

  3. The book shelves are great. I could hollow out all my walls and make book shelves. (Yeesh, how am I going to break THIS to my husband!)

  4. Since Christmas is all about memories I see nothing wrong with a "junk tree." Sounds like the best kind of tree to me. ;-)


  5. Love Jodi's tree! How gorgeous. And that homemade angel on the top really sets it off. That gives me an idea. I have a bunch of doilies that belonged to my mom that are just sitting in a drawer. I need to have them made into something like this. It's a great way to preserved those keepsakes. And don't you dare call your tree a junk one. Each and every ornament on there is a precious memory. And that's what Christmas is all about, rejoicing in those memories. Great picture of the girls. They're so pretty.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, dear friend!

    1. Linda, I recently saw Christmas stockings with doilies sewn around the top edge. That's a thought.

  6. I'm glad I gave you ideas. The angel means a great deal to me. I remember my grandmothers both crocheting even though they both died when I was 13.

    Also, the bookshelves were covered with a tv and stereo when whe bought the 100 year old house. We were delighted to find them.

    Merry Christmas, Jodi Thomas

  7. HI Phyliss, great trees. I love angels, especially handmade ones. And I think crocheting is a lost art, even though I know how, I haven't done it in years and years. God bless you all! xo

  8. I apologize to everyone for not responding to each of your comments, which I typically try to do. Unfortunately, I got a little of the Christmas "Yuck" and spent most of yesterday in my arm chair sleeping. Yikes! Not good for a writer to admit. I appreciate each and every one of you for dropping by. Cheryl's Christmas Tree Tour is always one of my favorite blogs to participate in. May each of you have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas to all you all! Love, Phyliss Miranda

  9. Phyliss, I loved reading about your tree and seeing Jodi's. I love angels, too. My mom gave me several angel ornaments and I treasure them.

    Feel better soon!
    Cheryl P.