Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Supreme Romance: Minha Doce Annie – Cheryl St. John


Can anyone translate? I'd love to know what the comments say, especially the one with Sandra Canfield's name.


  1. Ah, Portuguese.....

    They have a translate button on their blog. It's along the right side bar, towards the bottom. Just click on the little American flag. It's kind of rough, but you'll get the gist of it :) Sadly, it doesn't translate the comments.

    I copied and pasted the Canfield comment into Google translater, and it's REALLY rough - but sounds like the the commenter was intrigued by the idea of Annie being in a wheelchair...because she liked a Canfield title that also featured a wheelchair bound heroine. A little sleuthing on my part turned up Night Into Day (HSR #278).

  2. Wendy, you are BRILLIANT! I have a copy of Night Into Day in my beloved oldies stash.

    Thank you for putting on your sleuth hat and answering my questions.


  3. I used the Google translator found at translate.google.com and got the following for you:

    The nice thing about novels of banking, is the variety with which one can find a theme. In this story, the girl Annie (main character), is deficient. She uses a wheelchair but can walk with some effort. Your hips from one side is slightly larger than the other, and so there is a hard time walking.

    This theme is not beaten, but rather worked in banking and romances and delicate, resembling the very real life. Annie grew up in a family that treats her like a porcelain about to break at any time. Moreover, the fact that she seems to use a wheelchair, which refers to the fact prevent her from doing even the simplest things of everyday life, or at least that's what his family thinks. The character that makes this more clear is the mother of Annie, who is the daughter - without the adjective best to describe here - as an invalid who is useless, useless. I say that many people think in real life, unfortunately.

    My Sweet Annie depicts just such a character in overcoming the prejudices of the media to their own families, to find herself worthy of love and anyone could fall for her. On discovering that the fact that riding a crooked way Annie would not stop her from doing anything that is not wanted and many of these discoveries are made along with Luke, a poor boy, but soon he loved Annie at first sight. Affectionate, gentle, and determined to have her, even so he had to face several obstacles prejudiced.

    It is a beautiful novel, which certainly is worth reading. It is very light, do not expect a great plot, but perhaps the fact of overcoming the character has become the book "great". I had never read anything this author before, but surely not the last time.

  4. Oh my goodness. Well, I got the jist. And I definitely understood do not expect a great plot. lol

    Thanks, Robyn! How's the weather in Texas?

  5. Oh gosh, it's been so long since I've reviwed this book. Just now I have found this.
    So sorry google translator didn't get what I really mean to. I didn't say "do not expect a great plost". It's very dificult to translate when I did a pun on it. But let me try: What I said is that the book is not the one with about plot twist, many pages, etc, but the story is so awesome that it made it a deep plot. It kinda what I tried to say.
    Just loved your book :)