Sunday, December 19, 2010

photo shoot outtakes

Okay, so I always show you my very best photographs. The ones that made the grade and have been cropped and look really really good. Well, any photographer will tell you that you have to take hundreds more pictures than you will ever keep in order to get those really really good ones. I probably delete about 3/4 of the photos I shoot. Digital photography is amazing for that reason, and many other reasons as well.

Sometimes those pics that don't make the cut are pretty bad. And sometimes they're pretty funny. The lighting was wrong and there's nothing you can do to improve it, maybe the subject blinked or turned...or crawled away. Kristin and I laughed so hard at the bad photos I took the other evening, that I decided, rather than deleting them, I had to share them with you.

So here are the outtakes from our Christmas photo shoot.

 Are you sure I'm related to him?

 He doesn't need those glasses for this shot, does he?

 If you think I'm wearing this, you're nuts

 Where are the snacks?

 You people are BORING!

 This is just plain humiliating. I'm outta here.

 Watch out! The giant baby is going to destroy the city!

 Do you people know how foolish you look making all those noises and dangling toys at me?

 Elli is a little too happy :-)

 Elli is sad  :-(

 Get serious, Mom. I look just plain silly in this hat

 This elf didn't bring snacks!

Did you laugh??


  1. I did and remembered what it was like trying to get my kids in line. So have to smile.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute. We had those moments today.

    Merry Christmas, Julie