Thursday, December 02, 2010

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Eve Savage

"For the first year, we've put an angel on top. I always had a star when growing up, but I wanted an angel this year, since there are obviously angels watching over my family during this year of change. :)

"The ornaments are a mix of vintage 1940s glass ones. Some are hand painted by my mother and others are part of my collection of ornaments from my husband's travels.

"I've never done a themed tree, but perhaps one year I'll do a strictly Victorian tree. I love to shop for ornaments and am always at the 50% off sales, following the holidays."

Eve, you're my kind of girl with those after-Christmas sales! I can't help noticing your lovely collection of plates on the wall. Thank you for sharing your tree with its special collection of ornaments. Merry Chistmas!


  1. With some shame (minimal) I will admit that I BOUGHT a predecorated Christmas tree a few years back. About three feet tall. Very pretty, it's go it's own lights and lots of white and gold.
    I keep it in a black plastic trash bag during the year. At Christmas time I drag it out of the bag, plug it in and I'm done.

    Ho Ho Ho

  2. Mary, you're so funny!

    My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have a full size tree that they leave decorated and wrap in plastic throughout the rest of the year.

  3. I like the tradition of putting the tree up. We have egg nog & Christmas music. We pull out all the special ornaments and remember who made them/gave them to us.

    Although, after the kids are gone, trashbag it is!

  4. Eve, your ornaments sound wonderful! I have a few from the 30s & 40s, which I treasure because they used to be on my dad's trees when he was a boy. He didn't want them anymore, and I was happy to take them.

  5. Oh, Cheri, that's :::cold::: lol

    Heirlooms mean the most, Ann!

  6. Thanks, Ann!
    I love putting the tree up & taking a stroll down memory lane with the ornaments. The way I collect them, we'll need a bigger tree soon.

  7. I love the Charlie Brown tree skirt!

  8. Thanks, Mary! When we used to get real trees I'd always pick the one that was off by itself in the corner of the lot - the Charlie Brown tree. One year I made a Charlie Brown treeskirt and it's been under the tree ever since.