Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Tree Tour: Treva Harte's Purple Christmas Tree

Treva sent photos of her purple tree. I know of a few people who are going to love this one!

Treva's daughter said the only Christmas tradition they have is that she and her brother get to eat candy for breakfast on Christmas morning. (That's because they get into the stockings before she can get breakfast going.)  This year she demanded they do a Jewish Christmas so Treva thinks instead of her husband cooking up a Christmas feast, they're going out for Chinese and then seeing a movie.

How fun is this?!
Click here to visit Treva's website.


  1. you thought I'd be one of those who love it.

    you're right!

  2. Too cool. Quite an interesting color for sure. Reminds me of having that little light that changed colors as the wheel went around back in the 60's. Oh my, I've aged myself today! Yes, my kids always hit the stockings first. Our standard fill is an orange, a box of raisins, a bag of m and m's, a toothbrush and a book. Love the traditions I'm seeing.


  3. I can just see this tree at your house, *lizzie! lol Do you and Trava know each other? Donna will like it too. And my niece Lori and my BFF Robyn. Alexis loves purple too.

    Thanks for commenting, Nan. My stats are WAY up, but people aren't leaving comments. I don't really push comments, though. It's such a crazy time of year - I'm just glad people are visiting to see the trees.

    Thanks Treva! When I saw your tree on FB, I had to track you down.

  4. Thanks for inviting me! My family didn't have one of those wheels in the '60s although I always thought it would be kind of neat.

    We're still working on what kind of decoration matches the tree and looks Christmas-y. I will say that blue lights look really fab with this color.


  5. In all my years I never seen a purple Christmas tree and I love this one!
    Happy Holidays!