Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree Tour: Patty Underhill

Patty has an unusual tree, and is once again kind enough to share it with us. Her tree is decorated with Rudolph and other characters! And she even has a Rudolph Village. It is the cutest ever.
Thanks for sending us pics!

Here is our Christmas Tree of 2010. 

I have some new Rudolph ornaments this year (my fave Christmas movie of all time!) and of course, all our older favourites (Star Wars, Disney, etc...) are still prominently featured.

Also, I’ve added a pic of the cute little tree my husband, Brent, has in our home bar. 

I hope your Holidays are wonderful this year! 

Happy Holidays!
Patty Underhill


  1. Very creative. I love Rudolph too! How did you get started with this sort of collection?

    Merry Christmas, Julie

  2. Thank you, Julie, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

    I ordered the Rudolph village from the Bradford Exchange. I first found out about it from a little order card that was inserted in another magazine I had received. Since I love Rudolph I couldn't pass it up. It is a huge collection, but I only wanted the main pieces that meant something to me and it was fairly pricey too.

    I don't regret getting it, though. My two sons have already laid claim to certain pieces that will go to them when I am finished enjoying it. I think if it lasts long enough it might make for a lovely family heirloom.