Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Tour: LeighAnn's Tree

This is my daughter LeighAnn's tree. It's a pretty little thing, and with two big dogs in the family, it's very conveniently located off the floor. Those stockings cleverly used as a tree skirt are the original stockings that each of her four kids have had since their first Christmases.

LeighAnn and I are total opposites in our homes and our decorating. She is a minimalist and likes things with clean lines and no embellishments. One of anything will do, and if something isn't used, it's not needed. Their home is lovely and well-organized, even with a houseful of teenagers.

She has a Rumba that comes out of its dock every day at mid-morning and vacuums the entire main level while LeighAnn is working downstairs. She specifically bought furniture that the Rumba could get underneath.

And I'm especially impressed with this lovely tree, because in 2008 when the dogs were still pups, this was their tree.

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