Monday, November 29, 2010

...and Jerry Mathers as...the Beaver

Wow, I had a lot of replies! And many of you knew exactly who this was.

The funniest guess was Tony Blair. lol

Now I'm placing all the correct replies into my handy dandy fishbowl and drawing out one....

The winner is Nancy O'Berry from Virginia! whoo hoo!

Nancy, please give me first and second choices on which book you'd like to receive, I can send you Western Winter Wedding Bells or a book from my back list, as long as I have a copy. just let me know by posting here or by send me an email:

Thanks to ALL who entered!
I'll do another celebrity face drawing next week. This was fun.
And don't forget to send me a pic of your Christmas tree.


  1. WOW, thanks whoo hooo.... I am gonna check off the books I have will email shortly! What a great wake up call.