Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jammies Banned at Grocery Store

A Britain grocery store, Tesco, recently banned shoppers wearing pajamas (nightwear). I guess a bunch of moms are completely honked off about this dress code and are taking their business to Aldi.

The fact that the grocery story had to institute this policy is what surprises me. But apparently in Britain a score of women shop in their nightwear and slippers.

I have seen a few moms at school hurriedly opening car doors and dropping off their kids then jumping back in the SUV with their coat over their jammies, but I've never in my lifetime seen anyone at the grocery store in their jammies. And I even worked at a grocery store many years ago. I have seen slippers, and I thought that was tacky.

I mean, how difficult is it to pull on your clothing in the morning? What? A two minute task? I confess that a time or two I have worn my nightshirt with my jeans and added a coat to drop off kids at school, but it was winter and I didn't get out of the car. I also wondered all the way, what I'd do if I got in an accident or the car died. I'd be mortified to be caught in my nightshirt.

So, I'm wondering...have you ever worn your jammies to drop off kids at school?
And...have to ever worn your jammies to the grocery store?

Aldi - BEWARE!


  1. I'll admit to going to the 7-11 ONCE in my pj's. Well, it was a night shirt that looked like a top and I put jeans on and wore my coat over the top. Only did this because I was making hubby breakfast in bed and we were out of eggs. UGH! So I ran in, got a dozen eggs and went home.

    But to shop in pj's? Not my thing. I at least put on sweats and slip on shoes (in lieu of slippers) like a civilized person. LOL!!!!

  2. We've had to start a dress code at the library system I work in - one of the things stated is you can't wear pajamas to the library! You'd be surprised how many people here in Miss. wear them everywhere!! Baffles me.

  3. Okay, I can let the 7-11 trip pass. It was breakfast, and you were getting eggs...

    but the LIBRARY! Seriously?

  4. I've seen people strolling around town in their pj's here, at the bank, Walmart,'s a little too casually dressed if you ask me. I can understand a parent tossing on a coat over their pj's to run the kids to school or a spouse to work or to pick up breakfast necessities, but anything else is a bit much.

  5. Patricia - small town or big city? Maybe it's because I'm in a big city that I don't see this.