Saturday, May 29, 2010

whole lotta rhubarb in the freezer

Today we went to my daughter LeighAnn's and pulled rhubarb. Also dug out two giant rootballs to bring home and plant. It was in the high eighties with high humidity, so a good time was had by all. No, seriously. She had fixed pulled pork for the occasion - what a sweetie - and it was YUMMY. Her house is so clean on Saturday, not like mine, which was clean the night before for critique, but trashed again by Saturday noon.

So once I got home it took me a lo-o-o-ng time to clean and chop all that rhubarb. But now the freezer is stocked for the coming year. I had been using up the end of last year's rhubarb in preparation for making room for the new crop.  We had chocolate cake with strawberry rhubarb sauce Friday night. Tomorrow I'm making a crisp for LeighAnn and Brad.

And I still have a good sized patch in my own yard to pull and clean yet.

Jay will be tilling and digging to extend the patio tomorrow. Three day weekends are project weekends around here.


  1. Better watch your freezer--I'm gonna come raid it!

  2. Just in case you need to know this sort of information, my folks are happy to take any excess rhubarb you end up with. And you don't have to clean it, either. :-)