Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today in My Garden

My spiderwort is blooming! It's one of my favorite plants of the year, and I enjoy every day while it's beautiful like this. Will get better pics when the light is better this evening.

I found this basket at a flea market, lined it with that moss stuff and planted for the front porch.


  1. This is great pic ! Love the basket. You got good eye to use for anything with it.

  2. Hi Mrs. St. John !
    I´m a fan of yours from Brazil! Can you believe?
    These flowers are very beautiful, but i´m here to tell you how one of your books is important for me.
    I really love the story of Lidia Becker and Jakob Neubauer in "Heaven can wait". When i´m sad, I start to read your masterpiece! After some minutes i´m totally envolved by the romance and happier.
    This book it´s magic and make my day better.

    Forgive me for the bad english, ok?

    Sincerely, Eleni Trindade

  3. Thank youo, Terrie!

    Eleni - Thank you So much! That book is very special to me, because it's one of the first books I wrote. It was a labor of love to be sure, and took several revisions to get it right. I cut out a whole thread (subplot) about Franz and Annette in order to fit the word count for Harlequin Historicals.

    Your English sounds beautiful to me! You made my week.

    Cher :-)