Thursday, May 06, 2010

Caterpillar or Mutant Lizard?

Just looking at these pictures makes me itch.

Check out this creature Jay found on a climbing vine. It was eating leaves. Is this a caterpillar? It's HUGE! If it is, what kind of butterfly will it turn into? My guess is it's a mutant lizard. Jay thought it was cool, but it creeped me out. Ever seen anything like this?


  1. Except for the darker spots, it looks a lot like those big green horn worms you pick off of tomato plants.

  2. oh wow! that is HUUUGE!! what is it?

  3. Hey, Cheryl. I think this critter may be a bedstraw hawk moth larva. (Hate to think how that name came about.)

    Here's the URL to some info and photos:

    Love your blog. Especially loved the "Hollywood" cutie in the butterfly sunglasses a couple of weeks ago. Adorable!

  4. I think is in the caterpillar family. But after watching "The Mothman" on the SciFi Channel last week I thought - Maybe??