Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol: My Predictions

I still stand in disbelief over the fact that the guys were the best the judges could find out of all those thousands and thousands of tryouts. The girls are kicking their butts, and a girl will win.

Katie Stevens attempted to be youthful per the judges advice and sang Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway. She said she was 8 years old when Kelly became the first Idol winner. It wasn't good. At all. Ellen, Kara and Simon all gave her kudos for the attempt, but “I don't think you know who you are yet as an artist,” said Kara. For some reason Katie reminds me of that girl a couple of seasons ago who cried all the time.

I don't know if Crystal Bowersox is as consistent as she is predictable. She sang Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason in her shades of Janis Joplin voice and played an electric guitar. Simon stated the obvious: “You are the one everyone's going to have to beat … It's yours to lose.” She's good and I like her all right, but there's already been a Janis Joplin and wearing dreadlocks doesn't make her current.

Last week Didi Benami fought tears after the judges tore up her performance. This week they loved it and Kara even called it one of her favorite moments of the season. Didi's only okay for me. She sounds exactly like Megan with the tattooed arm did last year. Eh.

Siobhan Magnus sang, House of the Rising Sun. I love the song, so was waiting to see what happened. She started a cappella. Randy appreciated the surprise in her song choice and interpretation. “You take every risk,” he said. Ellen told her, “You are why I love music — it’s supposed to move you. You’re spectacular.” Simon said it was a bit weird and ploddy and boring. For what it's worth, I liked it and I like her. Those legs just won't quit, will they? Kara calls everyone else adorable--the guys--but Siobhan is adorable.

I've liked Lacey Brown since the beginning. She sang one of my favorite songs, one I listen to all the time--Brandi Carlile’s The Story. When Ryan introduced the song I was prepared to cringe, because I love Brandi Carlile so much. I was pleasantly surprised when she sang. She did a really really good job, and she always does a good job. She's consistent. The song was cut short to fit the time frame, and it's probably a good thing because she probably couldn't have done the amazing things that Brandi does with the middle of that piece. The judges agreed it was Lacey's best performance. Simon was more reserved, but admitted: “That to me was like listening to something on the radio.” I love her hair, what can I say?

Lilly Scott with her white hair and feathers was lame. Simon thought her rendition of Pasty Cline’s I Fall to Pieces lacked the wow factor, but the others like it. I'm sure the fact that she followed a few really good performances made her sound even more pathetic and boring. Kara said “You kind of made Patsy Cline feel current.” I disagree. She clobbered a song that is good the way it was fifty years ago. I'd rather watch Jessica Lange lip sync it.

Last week Katelyn Epperly’s performance was criticized for being corny. She played the piano and sang to the camera. This time I Feel the Earth Move wasn't much better. Her hair, which Simon liked, was ridiculous and looked like a wig she slammed on her head. Randy called it Carole King hair--not even close. She's not Carole King, because if she was, we wouldn't have fallen asleep while she sang the snoozer.

The worst might have been Paige Miles, singing Smile. The judges didn't even want to talk about it afterward. Loo-oo-ser. I look for her to get the boot - and probably Katie.

My money is on Lacey and Siobhan in the top three. As soon as the numbers are down to 12, they'll be getting coached and advice on wardrobe, etc., so they'll shine even more brightly. But please don't change Lacey's hair!


  1. I love Siobhan but I have to say that last week was definitely her best week!

    I'm not sure about the guys either! Usually there's someone who stands out but this year...not so much!

    Oh well, we'll see! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. I'm with you. I really like Didi though, and the judges were so mean to her last week. I was glad she did better this week. I am also a big Siobhan fan, but then again...anybody with a cool name like Siobhan is all right in my book. LOL~