Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Monday

I hope all of you who are mothers had a lovely Mother's Day! After church we grilled T-bones and ate them with rice, a yummy salad, and steamed parsnips. I actually took an afternoon nap and later watched a movie. I haven't shared about movies for ages, so more about that later.

Elijah brought Kristin and I THE WAVE petunias that he bought himself! Kristin had already given me a flat of red, white and bluish purple petunias that Jay planted. I'll have to take pics of those where they're planted.

LeighAnn and Brad dropped this off for me. This and my charm bracelets, on which she so painstakingly adds and rearranges the charms for me. Brad is the one who selects gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, and my super son-in-law has yet to disapppoint!

This interesting bouquet was delivered by the HyVee floral delivery guy. I was really suprised when I saw it! How fun, eh? My oldest daughter, Jennifer, sent it. Gee, you'd think everybody knows I like chocolate or something.

And I couldn't let the morning pass without getting a pic of this:

Here's the flowerbed at the foot of our front stairs. It's what I see when I look out the front door or walk out that way. I love the orange and purple this year and WISH the columbine bloomed longer into the year. They're **just** about ready to call it quits.


  1. Hi Cheryl: Chocolate lovers at heart aren't we? Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Ours was very quiet. We just got home Friday after spending 2 weeks in Japan with Alex. Mandy was with us so that was my Mom's Day gift. The grandbabies sent me a beautiful mug.

    I love your HyVee bouquet. Now, that would be a delivery I would love to accept!

    Have a great day!

  2. Your flowers look lovely. All this rain should bring out some new blooms :)