Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Accidental Lawman, Jill Marie Landis

June 2009
$6.99 U.S. $6.99 CAN

Not five minutes in a one-horse Texas town, and Hank Larson foils a bank robbery. No matter that one of the bandits tripped right over Hank's dusty boots. Suddenly the newcomer is hailed a hero and anointed sheriff. Hank came to Glory to report crime in the newspaper--not stop it himself. But everyone thinks the Lord led him there to save the day. Everyone except the town's beautiful healer, Amelia Hawthorne. The robber who got away was her nineteen-year-old brother. And it's Hank's job to bring the guy in.

Hank knows all about losing family. And he slowly sets about restoring Amelia's shaky faith. But doing what's right might mean breaking her heart...and his own.


Jill Marie Landis is the NYT extended and USA Today bestselling author of
over twenty novels. She's the winner of the RWA Rita Award, the Golden Heart and
Golden Medallion and a seven time Rita Finalist. She lives in Hawaii with her husband
where she spends her days writing when she's not sunning or dancing the hula.

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  1. your interview is great I would love to win one of her books,