Monday, March 09, 2009

will anyone confess to a BIG LOVE attraction?

Will anyone else admit to being a Big Love addict? I gave up on a lot of the shows I used to enjoy (like Gray's Anatomy) when they got Too Stupid to Watch. I caught this one accidentally on an all-night marathon before a new season and promptly ran out to rent the previous season and have been hooked on Sunday nights ever since.

It especially drew me because I had read Stolen Innocence, a true account and knew how much of the polygamist story was ripped from the headlines of current FDLS events and court cases. Anyway, this show has replaced my passion for Dirty Sexy Money, which I was devasted to see axed. :::SOB::: It moves almost just as fast - the pacing is incredible, one drama to the next. Nothing drags on - only some of the deeper dirtier secrets remain, others are revealed and agonized over with a swiftness that boggles. Stars like Bruce Dern and Mary Kay Place as evil-doers are riveting.

If you're a fan, don't miss clicking through to this San Diego State University Culture link where the writer gives commentary on this season with my kind of style. I enjoyed the review a lot.


  1. I don't have HBO. Dan got rid of it after the Soprano's went off the air--yah, he's Italian, lolol! It sounds like a good show and makes you wonder how it all works.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, it was good to see you.

    You are a busy lady, I checked out your other blog. Love the kitchen and yes, I saw the bunnies. :-)

  2. Cheryl, I kicked my TV habit a few years ago. I have been interested in what I've heard of BIG LOVE, though. Seems just a few weeks ago there was an interview on NPR.

  3. Me, me, me! ::waving hand in the air::

    My Man was the first to get hooked, and then I got sucked in. Big Love is one of the very few shows we consider Must See TV. I love the baddies - especially Mary Kay Place and Harry Dean Stanton!

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